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Examples of optimised websites

Here are some websites that we've helped to rank highly for targeted keywords.

Project Wonderful TalkProject Wonderful Talk
Project Wonderful Talk is a GeekLog-based website set up as a support site for the advertising system Project Wonderful. Inside, members discuss their strategies for earning the most money through adverts placed on their own websites, and getting the best return on their advertising investment.

Project Wonderful Talk is the second result down when you search for "Project Wonderful" - the highest-ranking site that isn't Project Wonderful itself!

JAMMAForever - The Indie ArcadeJAMMA Forever - The Indie Arcade
JAMMA Forever is a project that intends to bring new life to old arcade machines by releasing free, open-source games, compatible with arcade machines running on PC hardware. The website pays for itself via advertising on Project Wonderful and Google AdSense.

JAMMA stands for Japanese Amusement Machines Manufacturer's Association, and is the accepted standard wiring harness for arcade games. Most arcade games made between the early 1980's and the late 1990's can be said to be JAMMA games, so every arcade connoisseur knows to search for JAMMA when looking up information on arcade machines. JAMMAForever appears on the first page when you search for "JAMMA," "JAMMA arcade games," "JAMMA video game," and pretty well anything to do with the JAMMA system in Google.


Becoming a Better TeacherBecoming a Better Teacher
A combination blog and community website based around the Joomla! engine, Becoming a Better Teacher is focussed around holistic education and contains an enormous amount of information.

Becoming a Better Teacher appears in the first page of results for "Holistic Education."


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