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How we build your website

Things to consider:
Since galleries can be so easily integrated into blog sites and vice versa, ask yourself if there's anything you'd like to say to your audience on a regular basis. Could you offer weekly tips for aspiring artists or photographers? Generally speaking, the more original information you have in your website, the better your traffic will be.

If you think you have enough material for a few month's worth of blog posts, then you should certainly consider integrating a blog within your gallery website.

Would you like to sell prints online? If so, basic shopping cart functionality could be added at little extra cost.

Think of all the things you'd like to do with your website, and then contact us and we'll talk about a price and a timeframe.

Lowering your costs:
There are lots of ways we can lower the price of your Gallery website and still have it look beautiful and work well.

One of those ways is by using your artwork as the base for the aesthetics of the website. If you have artwork that you'd like to use as, for example, a background image, then you reduce both the time it takes to make your website and the eventual cost.

If you can draw your own site navigation bars and design a layout for your site, then you reduce our job to coding and the technical side of things, which dramatically reduces the price - and you can have a fully-functional online gallery for peanuts.


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