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Why use specialised Gallery software?
The alternative to using specialised gallery software is to resize all of your images to, say, a hundred by a hundred pixels, in order to create thumbnails. You would then make a HTML page laying out all these thumbnails, and link them to the full-sized versions, a lot of which will have to be resized to make them of uniform dimensions. If you want to include a description, you'll have to link these thumbnails to HTML pages containing the picture, descriptions and navigation components - that's a lot of work even if you have only ten or twenty pictures, but if you've got more than that it becomes an immense and tedious job.

But if you have a Gallery website, you just log in, tell it which photos to upload, and it does the rest for you - including automatically resizing the images to whatever dimensions you specify, and applying a watermark if you so desire. After they're all uploaded, you can create a description for each one, sort them into categories, change the order in which they're displayed, and generally mess around with them to your heart's content, all without any technical knowledge.

Galleries can be easily and seamlessly integrated into any of our other website types, with the same benefits as if they stood alone.

When integrated into a community website, it's possible (at your discretion) to allow every user to have his or her own gallery for other users to look through and comment upon.

Most gallery software have extensive feedback abilities, including commenting and rating systems to let people tell you what they thought of your work.


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