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Things to consider
Flash projects can be quite expense and complicated to set up. Not only do we have to concern ourselves with the layout, graphics and colours, we also have to think about time and motion - should the fades take a second, half a second? At how many pixels per second should that leaf fall from that tree? Should we add a motion path to dictate the way it moves, or program the leaf with a simple physics routine hooked into a randomiser so that it's different every time? What sort of sound effects or music are we going to use?

The process you go through to make a Flash website is far more complicated than the one used to make a traditional website, or even a dynamic website.

Making a Flash website will cost more and take longer than any other sort of website. However, the end results will be far more impressive.

Talk to us
If you have an idea for a Flash website that you'd like to commission from us, get in touch and we'll talk about it. Likewise, if you're not sure whether or not your idea is actually possible, ask us and we'll find a way.

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