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How we build your website

We can take care of everything to do with the technical and aesthetic side of things - leaving you free to concentrate on effective writing.

We provide three different types of blogs, with three different levels of complexity. When you commission a blog from us, we will usually base the site around either the WordPress blog engine, or the GeekLog blog/content management system - sometimes we'll use Joomla!, if you're starting off with an awful lot of information.
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More information about Content Management Systems

WordPress blogs are very simple, and easy to administrate. They're the preferred engine for many professional bloggers.
WordPress is a blog engine, and very little else. It's designed to do one thing, and to do it well.
More information about WordPress

GeekLog blogs are more complex, but have a corresponding increase in both features and flexibility. GeekLog-based websites can begin as a blog (or even masquerade as a traditional static HTML website, with the benefits of being database-driven), and be easily upgraded later to become a fully-fledged community website. As such, they're more expensive to set up initially, but far cheaper to expand later on. They're also somewhat easier to integrate into an existing website - for example, if you just wanted to add a blog to your current website, rather than making a new site from scratch.
If one were to ask if GeekLog were a blog engine or a content management system, we'd have to say that it was somewhere in the middle.
More information about the GeekLog system

Joomla! is a content management system first, and a blog second. It's a massively powerful engine capable of organising vast amounts of information and functionality, but a little harder to use than GeekLog or WordPress. It's also quite expensive to set up, so we only use it in special cases.
Joomla! is ideal if you want to merge several types of website into one - for example, if you'd like an E-Commerce website with a blog, gallery and community area, then Joomla! is the way to go.
More information about Joomla!

So, you should consider carefully which system to start with. Just how serious are you about earning a living via blogging? Is your topic one that you can see people wanting to discuss quite a bit? GeekLog sites are easily expandable into community websites, but WordPress might be better if your budget's a bit tighter.

Because every site we build is treated as a unique project in its own right, it's hard to post a list of prices on this website. Please contact us with a brief description of what you'd like to do and how much you'd like to spend, and we'll be better-equipped to provide you with a quote and a recommendation of which engine to use.

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