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Blogs we've created recently

Here are some blogs we've created recently. Click on the website thumbnail to visit the actual site.

Retro ReviewsRetro Reviews
Retro Reviews is readily-found via a Google search for retro game reviews, retro arcade reviews, or similar terms. Retro Reviews currently posts one new review of a randomly-chosen arcade game each and every weekday, and makes easy money from advertising via Project Wonderful.
Thunder Road SpeedBowl

Thunder Road Speedbowl and ACTTour and
These complementing sister sites, originally made a couple of years ago by a different designer, were updated and renovated by Stainless Design. Both run on the GeekLog engine,and have been updated not just in terms of aesthetics but also functionality and security.

Both sites exist to provide news on, and promote, race tracks and events in the Northern USA and Canada. Consulting was carried out via Skype - just to show that it doesn't matter where you are, we can still do business!

Twisted LibrarianTwisted Librarian
Twisted Librarian is a book review blog, running on the GeekLog content management system. A good proportion of Twisted Librarian's traffic comes from search engine queries for specific books.
Twisted Librarian makes money with both Google AdSense and Project Wonderful, in addition to Amazon referrals.
A Walk in the ParkA Walk In The Park
A combination blog and gallery website operating on Gallery2 and GeekLog, Walk In The Park gives regular advice for photographers, and pays for itself by selling prints.
It's possible to integrate Gallery2 with GeekLog by using bridge software, but we haven't in this case as it wasn't appropriate for this particular website.

Culture ShockCulture Shock (WARNING - contains very strong language)
This website uses our innovative "Reverse Blog" model to provide a way for the creator to present his work in chronological order as opposed to the reverse chronological order that you get with a standard blog, while still retaining the technical benefits of using a blogging system.

The site contains two stories; one graphical, one textual. The graphical one is a webcomic called "Saint," a spin-off from the textual "Culture Shock." At the time of writing this, Culture Shock is still being rewritten and is scheduled to begin in a month or two.

The site was designed to be very basic, so as not to distract from the author's work. But under the hood, you'll find commenting ability, trackbacks, pingbacks, RSS functionality and even hidden easter eggs for those savvy enough to find the admin login page.

We also played a technical role in the character design for Senhi, and the site's animated sections.


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