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Stainless Design provides unique, stylish and affordable website design and development, with over eight years' experience.

NEW FOR 2007
Self-Update lets you easily update any kind of website yourself - even traditional static HTML websites - without having to pay us, and without the risk of breaking things.
This is quite possibly going to change the way we make websites forever, and we're very excited about it. Click here to see what all the fuss is about.
Twisted Librarian

If you'd like to see the sorts of things people have been saying about Stainless Design, click here for some testimonials from previous clients.

We've seen the Internet rise, fall, and rise again - we've seen Flash-based websites spring up like daisies in the summertime, only to fade into obscurity a few years later. We've seen table-based layouts replaced with Cascading Style Sheets, and the rise of AJAX.
We watched with interest as Web 2.0 was born, content was seperated from presentation, and the cool kids started talking about these "Blog" things.

Walk in the Park PhotographyWe've created websites for schoolteachers and rowing clubs, librarians and tattooists, artists, writers, photographers, hippies (mattress reviewers), businessmen and complete lunatics. We've made standard websites as well as blogs, E-commerce sites, art galleries, forums, chat sites, information storage and retrieval systems and even coin-operated arcade games. And every one of these websites or programs is unique, with not another like it.

What makes us and our websites different from the rest of the pack are our three Principles of Website Design.

OneEverybody gets a website.
Anyone with genuine need of a website shall have one, regardless of how much money they have or do not have.
TwoThere is no arguable reason for any given website to resemble another.
Pre-built website templates are not used at any stage of production.
ThreeThe creation of a website is just as valid an art form as the content presented therein.
Websites should always be both beautiful and functional; if they're not, someone clearly isn't trying hard enough.

You can read more about these principles and what they mean by clicking the appropriate link on the left. Alternatively, feel free to have a look at some of the sites we've done recently, via the links to each particular type of site.

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